Environmental friendly products from Fedrigoni, made from ECF pulp. The products are completely biodegradable and recyclable.


Arcoprint 1 EW is a wood-free paper has a high-tech, cool white base guaranteeing excellent printability. Naturally elegant, Arcoprint 1 EW is held in very high regard in publishing and printing industries.

Arcoprint Edizioni 1.3 (Bulk 1.3) is ivory bulky uncoated papers and boards, made with ECF pulp and CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp) .

Arcoprint Edizioni 1.7 (Bulk 1.7) is ivory uncoated papers, made with ECF pulp and CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp) for high bulk and high opacity.

Uncoated woodfree papers and boards with a special treatment to enhance the pleasant rough surface and to allow a particularly bright and sharp printing. Available in Premium White shade.


Prestigious Editions, Corporate Literature, Inserts, Brochures, Portfolios, Company profiles, Annual reports, Office Stationery, Folders, Menus, Booklets, Endpapers, Covers, Packaging, Greeting Cards, Calendars, etc.


Range Chart:

Arcoprint 1 EW
Extra White 64x88cm 100g, 140g, 170g
70x100cm 140g, 170g, 225g, 250g
Arcoprint Edizioni 1.3
Avorio/Ivory 64x88cm 100g, 140g, 170g
70x100cm 140g, 170g, 230g, 300g
Arcoprint Edizioni 1.7
Avorio/Ivory 64x88cm 100g, 130g
70x100cm 130g
Premium White 72x102cm 100g, 140g, 200g, 250g


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