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Manufactured by Schoellershammer


One of Europe’s oldest family owned paper mills producing fine papers on the same location since 1784. Papierfabrik Schoellershammer (pronounced Schoeller’s hammer) is operated today by the 7th generation of the family. It has a strong commitment to the environment with it’s unique water filtration system which returns the water is uses back into the Ruhr river cleaner than when it came into the paper mill in almost drinking water quality.


Rags are the best raw material for paper. Schoellershammer produce acid-free rag-containing paper and “pure rag” paper for artists.

** limited availability **

Range Chart Pad Note:
No. Type gsm 16.5x25cm 24x34cm 30x40cm 42x56cm
1 Torchon Fine 250 Aquarelle, Graphite, Oil Crayon,  Water-soluble, Crayon and Gouache
2 VAT Quality 200 Aquarelle, Graphite, Oil Crayon and Gouache
3 Coarse Linen 230 Oil, Acrylic, Tempera, Gouache, Graphite, Mixed Media



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