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Balacron International is a globally operator in the field of cover materials.
With more than 90 years’ experience, the company has a solid foundation created by the combination of in depth knowledge and expertise in production processes, craftsmanship and the latest technological innovation. As a result, they have the largest collection of cover materials in the world in both vinyl and textile;¬†colours are rich and true with striking and realistic textures, and always high quality. The materials are FSC certified, non-phthalate and REACH Compliant.



Unsurpassed functionality in simple black, brown, red, blue and green. Smooth or textured. Produced using different techniques. Heritage is the starting point for the company and for our products too, this is the original foundation stone that has gone on to play a key role in the lives of millions of people.


Product Application
Pocket Diaries, Desk Diaries, Books, Dictionary & Encyclopedias, Albums, Display & Boxes.

Dimension: 106cm x 50m


– Please note that the colour on the images displayed may vary from the actual product due to lighting and individual monitor settings –

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