Eska®board & Eska®black*

Eska is the leading global manufacturer of recovered paper based substrates for a wide variety of industries and applications, including hardcover books, stationery, luxury packaging, puzzles and games and many more.

Their mission is to provide high quality materials and solutions, while utilizing the best in sustainable technologies, that inspire creators to develop captivating and durable products for a better life experience.

Nobody understands as well as Eska do that they serve their customers best when they provide their customers with products that are manufactured as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is a top priority for Eska! What does that mean? Take a look! (English subtitles available)


A three-layer laminated solid board, made of 100% recovered paper. Lays flat, stays flat.

Our solid board comes with a clear promise – it lays flat and stays flat; even when it has been processed into end products. We achieve this by using our own lining paper, monitoring the production process properly and producing under the correct humidity levels. Flat is flat with Eska®board.

Size : 73x104cm
Caliper : 1.00mm (630gsm), 1.25mm (790gsm), 1.50mm (945gsm), 1.75mm (1,105gsm) , 2.00mm (1,260gsm),
  2.25mm (1,420gsm), 2.50mm (1,575gsm), 3.00mm (1,890gsm) , 3.50mm (2,205gsm), 4.00mm (2,520gsm)


Deep-black and sustainable

Luxury packaging exudes care and dedication. It caresses the eye and invites to touch. Packaging with an alluring design is the introduction of a top quality product. The material for such a packaging has to comply with those characteristics. Eska®black is deep-black and was developed for the luxury packaging industry. It pushes boundaries and was developed without concessions.

Eska®black is 100% black and feels good in every possible way. It is sturdy and invites you to look and touch. Eska®black has excellent converting properties and can be processed with a range of techniques to produce distinctive products with a luxury look and feel.
Luxury with the least possible impact on the environment

Why are we proud of Eska®black? The highest quality, the deepest black, the best feel… and yet a minimal impact on the environment. Eska®black consists of three layers; it has a core of 100% recycled fibres that is sandwiched between two deep-black glossy layers. The perfect protection for your brand.


three-layer board consisting of an inner layer made from 100% recycled fibres with deep black and glossed liners on both sides: recycled fibre content at least 70%

Size : 75x105cm
Thickness : 1.75mm


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