Tintoretto Ceylon and Nettuno

Uncoated papers and boards made with ECF pulp. Felt marked on both sides, pulp dyed with lightfast colours for Nettuno and pigments for Tintoretto Ceylon.


Deluxe printings and reproductions, albums, boxes, greeting cards, candy boxes, soft covers, calendars, folders, tickets, catalogues, covers, pamphlets, drawing, deluxe editions, displays, inserts, advertising, lists, menus, mat-boards, posters, annual reports, art reproductions, endpapers, jackets, packaging and lining.


Range Chart:

Tintoretto Ceylon
Sesamo 72x101cm 95g, 140g, 250g


72x101cm 95g, 140g


72x101cm 140g, 215g, 280g

Dark Brown/Carruba

72x101cm 140g, 215g, 280g

Red/Rosso Fuoco

72x101cm 140g, 215g, 280g

Navy Blue/Blu Navy

72x101cm 140g, 215g, 280g


72x101cm 140g, 215g, 280g


– Please note that the colour on the images displayed may vary from the actual product due to lighting and individual monitor settings –

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