Materica is a unique product taken to the extreme. A range of empathetic papers giving the same tactile and visual sensations as the natural elements that have inspired them. A production process so refined as to match the rough spontaneity of Nature. A perfect support to give substance, concreteness and endurance to your ideas.


Materica is crafted in 15% of cotton fibers that give softness to the surface, 20% of recycled fibers and 40% CTMP fibers & 25% pure environmentally friendly certify FSC fiber that add volume and strength, making it ideal for all paper crafts. Available in white shade(Gesso) and seven colours light-fast dyes. The substances 250 gsm and 360 gsm are off-machine laminated. The product is completely biodegradable and recyclable.



Materica is ideal for coordinated graphic materials, covers, inserts, brochures, portfolios and converting products.


Range Chart:

Acqua 72x102cm 120g, 250g
Clay 72x102cm 120g, 250g
Gesso 72x102cm 120g, 180g, 250g, 360g
Kraft 72x102cm 120g, 180g, 250g
Limestone 72x102cm 120g, 180g, 250g, 360g
Pitch 72x102cm 120g, 250g
Verdigris 72x102cm 120g, 250g
Terra Rossa 72x102cm 120g, 250g


– Please note that the colour on the images displayed may vary from the actual product due to lighting and individual monitor settings –

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