Paper Lined Mull, Crepe Paper, Gauze, Sewing Thread & Spine Hollow

Dr. Günther Kast acquires the firm of Adolf Lachmund, manufacturer of technical fabrics, in 1961. The business then move to it present location at Sonthofen in 1966. The main products of the company are materials for industrial bookbinderies such as LINING MATERIALS, BACKLINING MATERIALS and SEWING THREADS. The refinement of fabrics for the graphic art industry takes place in the new factory from the beginning of the nineties, it also marks the start for the special requirement of customers as for as colorings, dressing and coating concerned. The manufacture and production of materials for various fields becomes increasingly broader and wider. The diversities of products and technical know-how acquired over decades enabled the company to produce special booklining mull for the graphic arts industries patented.

Lining Materials:

1Paper Lined Mull GP 2 R: The best alternative to crepe paper. Excellent stabilization of straight or round book blocs.

  • 4cm x 500m
  • 5cm x 500m
  • 6cm x 500m
  • 7cm x 500m


Backlining Materials

5Gauze B 16: For the strengthening and stabilization of straight or round book blocs.

  • 30 x 200cm





3Crepe Paper 90/95 Brown: For the production of hardcover books

  • 23cmx300m
  • 33cmx300m



4Sewing Threads: For book sewing on all technical systems

  • Polyester/Cotton: 1 roll = 10,000 meters






aSpine Hollow 300gsm: For casing-making of three-part book cases

  • 2 cm x 260 m
  • 3 cm x 260 m
  • 4 cm x 260 m
  • 5 cm x 260 m
  • 6 cm x 260 m
  • 8 cm x 260 m
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