This high grade dull art paper with smooth surface texture offers you sharp printing results and high grade of printing gloss. This product offers an ultimate properties of dull art paper for the highest grade of printing purpose. It offers uniform and pure whiteness and glossy excellent texture which are characteristics to dull paper.

Pure silky texture and extraordinary easiness when turning over pages. Clear and bright ink gloss and printing results. Accurate level of shadowed parts. Fine and good textured. Excellent ink absorption and quick drying properties.


Product applications
Commercial and quality prints, illustrated books and general editions, catalogues, monographies, company profiles, annual reports, pamphlets, inserts, lists, calenders, posters, jackets, tickets, advertising, greeting cards and announcements, soft covers, menus and displays.


Range Chart


Preeminence Dull
128g 95.5×63.6cm and 109×79 cm
186g 63.6×93.9cm
209.3g 63.6×93.9cm and 78.8×109.1cm


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