Printex*, Imprimex* & Reprotex*

The finely woven structure and flatness of Printex ensure perfect offset printability while maintaining the natural character of the product.
Warp: 28 threads per cm, 100% rayon, Nm 50
Weft: 25,5 threads per cm, 100% rayon, Nm 60
Substance: 242 g/m², caliper ca. 0,33 mm
Backing paper:ca. 90 g/m², acid free paper
Width: 110 cm, usable width 110cm


This extremely finely woven quality product has a bright white top coating which makes it excellent for offset printing. The perfect flatness ensures a problem-free print run.
Not only suitable for book covers but also widely used for posters and reproductions.
Warp: 23 threads per cm 100% cotton, Nm 50
Weft: 15,5 threads per cm 100% cotton, Nm 50
Substance: 173 g/m², caliper ca. 0,20mm
Width: 110 cm, usable width 108 cm


A mix of polyester and cotton makes this the strongest and heaviest of offset grades. Particularly suitable for posters and reproductions and also for sample collections
where tensile strength and durability are important qualities.
Warp: 34 threads per cm 65% cotton/35% polyester Nm 27
Weft: 12,2 threads per cm 65% cotton/polyester 35% Nm 20
Substance: 300 g/m², caliper ca. 0,35mm
Width: 138 cm usable width


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Please note that no sample book is available for this product.

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