Sirio Color Black & Sirio Ultra Black

Sirio Color Black

Uncoated papers and boards, made with e.c.f. pulp. Pulp-dyed with light-fast colours Carbon Black free. The colour is highly deep and uniform. Very good formation and clarity. The substances 290, 350, 480 and 700 gsm are off-machine laminated.

Note: Replacing Sirio Black Black. Sirio Color Black has the same shade as Sirio Black Black but Carbon-free which makes it suitable for metallic hot-foil stamping

Size: 72x102cm

Available grammages: 80gsm, 140gsm, 210gsm, 290gsm, 350gsm, 480gsm and 700gsm

Sirio Ultra Black

is an intense range of black papers and boards, coloured without carbon and offering a strong resistant to light. 20% darker than Sirio Color Black. The substance in 115 gsm is made in single-layer, the other substances are off-machine laminated with natural starches water based.

Size: 72x102cm

Available grammages: 115gsm


Product Application:
Backing for advertising, graphic, printing and publishing



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