Special surface coated papers and boards; treated on both sides with a special metallized, pearlescent finish. The ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) fibers are pulp coloured for a superior appearance.
Papers and Boards coloured on both sides, with special metallic-effect pearly finishing. Made from pure cellulose dyed in the pulp. Excellent results in printing and stationery applications.
Enchance your creativity with gleams, Iridescence, reverberations and magical reflections. Live colour in all its shades. Take your imagination beyond every limit. Today reality is closer than ever to your imagination.
The product is completely bio-degradable and recyclable

Prestigious Editions, Corporate Literature, Inserts, Brochures, Portfolios, Company profiles, Annual reports, Office Stationery, Folders, Menus, Booklets, Endpapers, Covers, Packaging, Greeting Cards, Calendars, etc.

Range Chart:

AIce White 72x102cm 125g, 230g, 300g
APolar Dawn 72x102cm 125g, 230g
AOyster Shell 72x102cm 125g, 230g
BLight Gold 72x102cm 125g, 180g, 230g
CAurum 72x102cm 125g, 230g, 300g, 350g
70x100cm 480g, 700g
CFusion Bronze 72x102cm 125g, 230g, 300g
BOrange Glow 72x102cm 125g, 300g
BCopperplate 72x102cm 125g, 300g
CRed Fever 72x102cm 125g, 300g
Shiny Blue 72x102cm 125g, 230g
APlatinum 72x102cm 125g, 230g, 300g, 350g
70x100cm 480g, 700g
CCoal Mine 72x102cm 125g, 230g


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