Canova & Splendorgel

Opal finished papers and boards in a wide variety of weights, available in Extra White with excellent opacity and a range of High White uncoated as well as in Ivory. The very smooth Papers, silky surface and velvety to the touch are ideal for all printing application.


Product applications

Business stationery and general corporate communications such as letterheads, art reproductions. monographies, inserts, jackets, agendas, calendars, greeting cards, invitations, tickets, labels, coverings, boxes, folders, menus, direct mailing, announcements, quality prints, advertising.


Range Chart


Extra White

71x100cm 120g, 170g, 230g, 300g
Extra White 64x88cm 100g
71x100cm 270g
Ivory 64x88cm 100g
71x100cm 100g, 140g, 230g, 300g


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