STARDREAM Metallic Wove

This exclusive range of metallic, pearlescent and iridescent colours has been expressly created to give an astral effect to the designer and printer’s work, meeting the more sophisticated trends of fashion.

Product Applications:
Prestigious Editions, Brochures, Annual Reports, Folders, Menus, Covers, Calenders, End Papers, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Luxury Packaging, Shopping Bags, Inserts, Tags, Photomounts, Display-Boxes, Covering, Gift Wrapping, etc.

Stardream Range Chart:

AQuartz 00 72x102cm 120g
ASilver 08 72x102cm 120g
AOpal 01 72x102cm 120g
ACitrine 72x102cm 120g, 240g
ABronze 04 72x102cm 120g
BCopper 03 72x102cm 120g
CMars 12 72x102cm 120g, 240g
AKunzite 24 72x102cm 120g, 285g
ASapphire 07 72x102cm 120g, 285g
CEmerald 11 72x102cm 120g, 240g
BOnyx 26 72x102cm 120g, 240g


– Please note that the colour on the images displayed may vary from the actual product due to lighting and individual monitor settings –

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