Environmentally-friendly ECF papers and boards. High content of recycled material (minimum quantity guaranteed 25%) in Compliance with the directive FSC-DIR-40-004 EN1.

Symbol Matt Plus: Triple blade coated on both sides with Matt finish.
Symbol Freelife Satin: Triple blade coated on both sides with Satin finish.
Symbol Freelife E/E: Triple blade coated on both sides with a Satin finish. Available in three embossing patterns.


Commercial and quality prints, illustrated books and general editions, catalogues, monographs, annual reports, pamphlets, inserts, lists, calendars, posters, jackets, tickets, advertising, boxes, candy boxes, greeting cards and announcements, soft covers, artistic prints, menus, displays.


Range Chart:



Satin – 02
Premium White 64x88cm 150g, 170g
70x100cm 115g, 150g, 170g, 200g, 250g, 300g
Ivory 70x100cm 115g, 150g, 200g, 250g
Matt Plus
Premium White 70x100cm 115g
72x102cm 300g
Tela Embossed – E/E 06
Ivory 70x100cm 130g
Raster Embossed – E/E 33
Premium White 70x100cm 130g, 170g, 250g
Ivory 70x100cm 130g
Country Embossed – E/E 49
Premium White 70x100cm 170g, 250g
White 70x100cm 130g
Ivory 70x100cm 130g


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