TESLIN® Substrate


  • Durable synthetic paper that offers easy, high-quality printability, strong adhesion and tamper-evident security
  • Microporosity differentiates Teslin substrate from other synthetics, enabling its built-in performance features
  • Resists water, chemicals, abrasion, tearing and extreme temperatures for exceptional durability
  • Prints as easily as paper and, unlike other synthetic substrates, does not melt in laser printers or require special inks
  • Absorbs inks, toners, laminates, adhesives and other substrates to form virtually indestructible mechanical bonds
  • Tamper-resistant material provide tamper-evident protection


Printability: Offset, Flexography, Gravure, Thermal Transfer, Inkjet (pigment-based)

Product applications: Print and Laminated Materials, Tags and Labels, Laminated Cards and Key Tags, Secure Credentials and ID Cards.

Range Chart:

SP600    : 145 micron

SP700    : 179 micron

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