Sirio Black Black*, Sirio Black & Sirio Ultra Black

Sirio Black Black*


is the Master art of solid black high quality woodfree paper. Made with environmentally friendly ECF pulp. Pulp-coloured with very light-fast pigments. Velvety and uniform surface. Substance 70g is single-ply, the other ones are off-machine laminated with natural starches.

Size: 70x100cm

Available grammages: 480 gsm

Please Note for Sirio Black Black: With hot foil stamping reproductions in specific hygrometric conditions, or using unsuitable foils, problems like oxidation or speckled printing may arise, especially using colours like Golden, Silver or Metallic. It is recommended the consultation with your foil providers. In order to give total solution to this problem it is necessary to isolate the film for hot stamping printing from the paper: it can be done either with a plastic coated surface, a double hot stamping printing (making sure to use a white or transparent film before the printing metal band), or with a printing water-based or solvent varnish.

Sirio Color Black (NEW)

Has the same shade as Sirio Black Black but Carbon-black free suitable for metallic hot-foil stamping

Size: 72x102cm

Available grammages: 80gsm, 140gsm, 290gsm, 350gsm, 700gsm

Sirio Ultra Black


is an intense range of black papers and boards, coloured without carbon and offering a strong resistant to light. 20% darker than Sirio Black Black. The substance in 115 gsm is made in single-layer, the other substances are off-machine laminated with natural starches water based.

Size: 72x102cm

Available grammages: 115gsm, 185gsm and 280gsm


Product Application:
Backing for advertising, graphic, printing and publishing



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